The Bells, The Bells

There have been some great and some not quite great aspects of Gigbeth to date (here’s to the third one) but I shall be eternally grateful for the introduction that it gave me to Urban Pies and local campanology. At the last Gigbeth conference Clare and the team had the great idea of giving us contributors and guests urban pies at the end of the day. So good were they that I subsequently went in search of the source.

I found the Urban Pie store just up the hill from St Martins on the right as you pass between those towers to mammon. By good fortune when I arrived around 7.00pm I found that from 5.30pm they sell these wonderful pastry creations at half price so I settled down to enjoy one with a chilled chardonnay on the strange concrete promenade overlooking the church. Mid munch this wonderful sound filled the natural amphitheatre of the Bull Ring as the Tuesday bell ringing practice commenced, what an unexpected audio delight and a perfect accompaniment to my pie.

A little research led me to an amazing site where you can find what peals have been rung in most churches in the country, from the past week right back often until the church was built or it’s bells installed. Here’s the link to St Martins: Starting with 11 Jul 1753 when they rang the Grandsire Triples.

Here’s the main felstead site to find peals near to you if you want to know what woke you on a Sunday morning after a heavy Saturday night:

Unfortunately you can only find what was rung rather than what they are about to ring so I don’t know how I’m going to be sure not to miss a “Reverse Canterbury Surprise” but that’s some work that’s gone into that site so I’m sure not complaining.

Incidentally for strangers to our fair city that’s St Martins in the centre of the view from my office window above.

Thank you Gigbeth for another musical delight that I wasn’t expecting and some dam fine pies.


3 thoughts on “The Bells, The Bells

  1. Ah, super. Discovered via CiB 🙂 (and you’re right Urban Pie is great, have you tried the Lamb and Rosemary with fresh mash and peas? Gorgeous. The steak one is also delicious, I was lucky enough to grab of those at Gigbeth and that was my introduction to Urban Pie!)

    It’s great to see you on the Brum blogosphere radar, look forward to following your scribblings.

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