Stirring it again

Woken by Adrian Goldberg of The Stirrer this morning for my views on Barfly or Mama Concerts, who’ve bought Barfly, taking over the lease for the whole of The Institute. He used that really naff photo that he has of me again but said some nice things like me “deserving respect” which I’m all for so here’s a link to the piece.

After months of rumors Jo Geary at the Post broke the story.

The worrying aspect to it all is that just as the major record labels have been guilty of dumbing down the recorded aspect of the music industry, as record sales drop but live gig attendances continue to rise are the likes of Live Nation and MAMA going to do just the same to the live scene?


2 thoughts on “Stirring it again

  1. Cool Andy,

    Will send a selection with approvals and credits then you have a choice, wast just photo’d by Vanley Burke today so I’ll ask him if I can use.

    Will send a link for him shortly – back to the Rugby…

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