Pete Ashton Explodes!

Good fun on Saturday at the Tranzition Seminar, Great to see our fine panelists and a good turnout of interested attendees. Amongst them was Marc Reck who recorded the whole six hours! and already has a write up on his blog.

Sunday evening was spent online in amazement at the Guardian Media Awards shenanigans as I rooted around to get the whole picture. Stef’s account of it is here. Looks to me like the old problem of really boring, badly put together awards ceremonies preceded by far too much boozing. Not just the Guardian event was naff last week, by all accounts – particularly this one here the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce annual banquet  at the ICC was a painful affair too. It is so time that some new folk were bought in to run these affairs. Has anyone been to a public awards ceremony or celebration recently that they enjoyed?


2 thoughts on “Pete Ashton Explodes!

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