Slow start but maybe an idea…

I’ve only made four posts in a week and had to delete one of them!

Had an idea with a good friend tonight.

As an alternative to current award shows how about an award show where the recipients are surprised with their award, on film, during their normal day. We all watch the film and then later we get together to have a Ball!

Whole award thing would be much more illuminating as we’d get an insight into that person and the Ball would be much more fun as everyone could meet up without sitting around for ages.

Maybe part of the Digital Birmingham Celebrations? Brings filming and everything associated with it and a Ball together in a way not done before.


One thought on “Slow start but maybe an idea…

  1. Nice idea! Would make the awards part of it a lot more interesting..With regards to the deleted post..we thought social services, or the governing body of the said charity?

    Good blogging work this week!

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