Standards are dropping

The second blog post I ever made on my sad attempt at a mac blog was congratulating Councilors Mullaney and Hendricks on the top work that they did when publishing their film of the disrepair of an important listed building. This week Barnard tells us on The Stirrer:
Breaking News : Friday 14/03/08 17:57
Councillors Mullaney and colleague Ernie Hendricks found
guilt today of disrespect by BCC Standards Board for
putting a video on Youtube and suspended for one month

So what I and many others flagged up as innovative, principled, helpful, exemplary work by two undeniably hard working local councilors, councilors for my street at that! Has been judged by The Goverment’s Standards Board to be disrespectful. This won’t do.

Paul Dale of The Post summarises well here. Me – I’m fuming.

Just realising that the subject of my second only blog post has been banned, taken down, made unavailable to my blogging friends.  I’m truly still taking in the implications of this. Anyone remember a local youtube vid being ordered to be taken down for any other reason than breach of copyright or in order to comply with another law but here we have a goverment standards board ordering the removal of the film as the film makers, two local councilors were “disrespectful”. The implications if this is allowed to stand are horrific to councilors, bloggers and everyone.


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