On the road again…again

Sorry my blogging friends, I know it’s a little slow here sometimes. Whilst you are twittering, exploring the new technologies and showing us all how it’s done, for which I’m extremely grateful, I’m lost in the old technologies of how you get great musicians around the country, in the best style possible, on tight budgets.

I am however delighted to blog tonight, in my simple fashion, my exciting news of the day which is that I am now confirmed to spend a few days in musical heaven. As well as the extremely funky Jon Cleary and The Monster Gentlemen this coming weekend I now know that in May I’m on the road tour managing James Hunter and his top band who are supporting none other than Willie Nelson.

To appreciate just how excited I am about this come back to ’74 with me  when I roadied for Bill Haley and The Comets. Many nights were spent in Holiday Inns across the UK where the Comets took over every hotel bar that we stayed in and taught me how to make the finest cocktails. Not only that but they introduced me to their hero Willie Nelson. A young dude shaking up Nashville at the time. He’s been one of my musical heroes ever since and now I end up seeing him for 8 nights. James and Willie, two of my favourite voices and songwriters in the world. For this old boy it doesn’t get much better.

“What festivals you going to this year?” people ask. Well I’m having my own around the country in May and being paid for it – bliss.


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