Last night – 1 night 2 events

The first being one of the shortest but best meetings yet of the Creative Republic board/steering group with some great ideas hitting the table.

Then on to an event hosted by Birmingham City University to celebrate achieving Skillset Media Academy status for the West Midlands region! Sounds a little dry perhaps but met some old friends, some great characters – the chap who owns the film of Telly Savalas in Birmingham no less and hopefully some new friends – you know who you are.

Along the way Stef asked me “What is the most inspirational thing that anyone has ever said to you?” After half an hour of waffling I came down to “Huh” from James Brown with “Never mind John” from David Byrne in second place. I’ll put those into context another time. Along the way I told Stef about Vanly Burke who he didn’t know of but all photographers and historians in Birmingham should – top night.


2 thoughts on “Last night – 1 night 2 events

  1. Great night it was too! Looking forward to making some of those big ideas happen. I’m now trying to work out the answer to my own question!

  2. Hi John,
    Your readers might find the link to the Baim Film collection useful (of which the Telly Savalas film is one). The same chap, Richard Jeffs, also owns Adelphi Films (

    On a separate note I really need to hear the David Byrne story!


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