Here I am

I couldn’t blog about paragraph 12 subsection 2 and stuff like that and that’s what I’ve been doing the last few weeks but all signed off now so here we go for an exciting time. Look out for the launch of MOD in August and a party when everyone is around in early September.

Just to prove I’m alive here I am on the spanking new Custard Factory website.

Looking forward to a fine musical weekend with Mama Matrix Friday night and The Ripps at the Godiva Festival on Saturday afternoon. Too much other good stuff going on in town too which is painful to miss but the sort of pain we love!

There were several high profile meetings at the Council House last year re a Birmingham Music Festival. Well run meetings and with very useful people contributing. No news from the team there made public yet but I hope everyone working on the ideas looks at The Godiva Festival in Cov this weekend, what a bill! for free!

Do have a look at the line up ’cause whatever style you like it’s there. I was pondering why Cov can beat us hands down in a great live music line up and then thought . . . it’s because they don’t have the CBSO. I love the CBSO but maybe because the city funds them we have to bring them out at every major public music event? Cov doesn’t have one so have been able to present a brilliantly booked national and international line up of contemporary popular artists with their music funds. Just a thought.

I’ll report on Monday – great weekend All.


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