Folk at the top of their game

Within a couple of days last week I was lucky enough to meet several people at the top of their game.

Thursday was leader of BCC Mike Whitby and other fine folk at the Council House at the Creative Republic/BCC debate “Generating Creative Ideas for Birmingham” – photos are here on the CR site.

Pete Ashton has a mind map of the event here and if you’d like some background reading check the very fine report from Professor Michael Parkinson which is a good starting point at the bottom of this page from the Birmingham Post here

I got up to mischief (as always) on Friday with my favourite pub landlord and current Brummie of the Year – John Tighe of The Spotted Dog. He’s up to something with a penguin.

Meanwhile further discussion were had re the upcoming Ancient Digbeth Olympics. I seem to have something to do with the aquatic events so if urban rafting has ever appealed to you please drop me a line……

Saturday, an hour or two in the company of Michael Wolff who Creative Republic have coming to a most interesting event here on September 9th

Later on Saturday briefly chatted with Graham Vick over a sandwich at the last night party of BOC’s King Idomeneo. What he and his team are bringing to this city is priceless.

Three regrets of the weekend – missing the unveiling of the big picture as reported so well on Podnoshos’s blog here, missing the favourite Shambala festival and finally having to miss the wonderful Morgan Heritage at The Custard Factory on Friday but for those who missed them here’s a great way to start the week after the holiday:


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