You sing it, we’ll hum it

“You sing it, we’ll hum it” is exactly what we said to two fine, young new friends from Germany who were guests at the Ancient Digbeth Olympics on Sunday. We said it as the winning 3 snails in the snail race were placed respectfully on the human size podium, their flags still held aloft and our friends obliged with ‘Das Lied Der Deutschen’ with 100 Digbethians humming along. You really had to be there.

Due to it being the first revival this century of the Ancient Digbeth Olympics no media were invited but hopefully some amateur footage of the event might be up soon which I shall link to immediately it appears as if it as funny on film as it was on the day we are all in for a treat.

Great Olympics stills and frank commentary here from Nicky Getgood

Before the start of the games proper 2 friends and myself did sail the Rae from Highgate Middleway to Fazeley St but it was purely in the interest of research and we would not recommend the trip to anyone.

Meanwhile must comment that this weekend followed the highlights of Artsfest last weekend where I had my best Artsfest ever, partly by being drawn to hear Ex Cathedra for the first time. This happened to be in St Phillip’s Cathedral in candlelight with the Edward Burne-Jones window lit to best effect. Utterly, stunningly, beautiful singing. Hearing that organ played brilliantly in the place it was built for was another amazing experience of the night but led me to think: What’s happening to the organ from The Institute during the Barfly referb? Anybody know?

Sandwiched between The Cathedral and The Olympics were the best Mod band in the midlands – DC Fontana who played jammed onto the stage at the Adam and Eve on Saturday. The brilliant brass section performed in the space of a medium sized wardrobe and the way the band played on as a ruckus broke out amongst 8 ladies? all dressed in pink feather boas took me back to ’64. Wonderful!

Birmingham – Love it or leave it.

Oops! here we go, first Olympic footage is in:


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