7 days is too long but a month is appalling!

Yep it’s a month since I posted. I think it was my turn to go through the “What am I blogging for?” phase that Clare Edwards went through a while ago but out of the blue the answer has come so here we go:

First of all the inspirational: Lots of Birmingham bloggers, too many to mention got together last week to hold a Birmingham Social Media Surgery to help voluntary groups in Birmingham better understand the power of the social web. Nick Booth blogged about it here. Brilliantly done all, I hereby offer to make the tea at the next one.

Now the puzzling: I’ve been working with Creative Republic and other good folk to try to draw together some of the great stuff in the city into a more cohesive whole so that the images that go out from the city reflect in part just how cool it is. Far brighter people than I working on it but music being my thing I had a few ideas for the Creative City Awards this year. Imagine my surprise when Neville Summerfield who I’ve known, not well, for 25 years as my local florist and is now the City’s regeneration chief appears as the first bit of news re the Creative City Awards this year. Here’s the link, it’s not for the faint hearted. Yep that’s me puzzled.

Photo time: Pete Ashton on the Custard Factory blog logged the Digbeth Olympics under stupid which I felt was a little harsh, especially as it’s only companion is a piece of real stupidity from the NME. Nonsense would seem more appropriate to me. Anyway in the morning before it all kicked off I realised a long time ambition to raft down the River Rae by our office window. We went from Highgate Middleway to Fazeley St. Naturally I would absolutely not recommend it to anyone:

Matt powering and I'm on lookout duty

Matt powering and I on lookout duties

Before I go now I’m adding some great blogs to my blog roll, starting with Nicky Getgood’s wonderful blog for people who live and work in Digbeth. Nick Booth’s Podnosh blog always has something interesting. D’log who from somewhere in rural Staffordshire keeps a very keen eye on what’s going on in the West Mids and far too late a big up to Josh (I think) who has put the best online events listings site ever together for Birmingham at Live BrumThank You All.


11 thoughts on “7 days is too long but a month is appalling!

  1. Hi John,

    Yes, Live Brum is indeed me. Glad you like the site, and thanks for the kind words. Bear with me as this is just the beginning. Lots more to come over the next few months…

    Meanwhile, have you seen Who’s Laughing Now? Apart from being fantastic in it’s own right, I’m delighted to say that it uses listings from Live Brum.

    All the best

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  3. Well I’ve been blogging for Gigbeth recently so it’s taken up all my available blogging time, I think it has even been 6 weeks since I’ve updated mine. unacceptable. Your post has motivated me John to get back at it!

    But more pics/video of this rafting please John.


  4. I am reminded of the otherwise long tale about the Chief of the US Navy saying to the Chief of the UK Navy….”how does it feel to be in charge of the second biggest fleet?” to which the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy replied, “how does it feel to be in charge of the second best…?”

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  6. That was in the days when we had a navy Jonathan!

    Anthony our lawyers are looking at it at the moment. Meanwhile have you seen ‘The bid’ from the Film Dash? Brilliant:

    Others are great too

    Nicky – celebrate.

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