Memory 1 – Derrick May

I’ve been wondering how to blog some things that come to mind from the past due to something current. No big deal but little memories that might amuse some readers. So I’m going to flag them up ‘Memory’ and those with no interest in modest snippets of popular music history can just pass on by.

Thinking of it today as I see Derrick May is in town tomorrow night at The Factory 13th B’party. My old mate Neil Rushton released Derrick’s ground breaking records in the UK at the very start of Techno when Neil and only a couple of others from the UK saw what Derrick, Kevin Saunderson and Co were doing in Detroit. I had the honour of taking Herbie Hancock to London’s Heaven in ’87 where the whole Acid thing had kicked off to hear Derrick DJ and see what Techno was about and then to introduce them in Herbie’s Mayfair hotel room later.

Derrick was so high post show that when he came to Herbie’s suite he literally ran up the wall to around 5′ from the ground and then horizontally round half the large room. A surprised but always cool Herbie asked Derrick if he’d be interested in working on a film score with him but it was all too much for Derrick who needed more space and fled the room to run through Hyde Park I think.

Nice to see them both still around and both doing what they love.


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