Dubber the Outrageous!

All cool here with lots of interesting little jobs for both agencies – worked with our first contortionist last week at an office party in the Jewelry Quarter!

Meanwhile have been horrified and amused at some of the comments on Andrew Dubber’s New Music Strategies blog which I am sure is his intention however I’ve risen to the bait and proposed that the next major public event for Creative Republic should be a debate around some of the issues that Andrew raises in this particular post. He has accepted the invitation to debate, to my delight and I’ll be posting details soon for what should be a lively yet hopefully informative and entertaining evening in town – around the end of Feb.


8 thoughts on “Dubber the Outrageous!

  1. Hell no!

    Informative and entertaining.

    An opportunity to move beyond the restriction of the written word to the opportunity, through live debate to find common ground between the old and the new.

    Birmingham has a great tradition of debate, particularly in Victorian and Edwardian times. It’s good fun and time we saw more of it.

    It’s going to have everything and a top tipple after.

  2. Nope it’s not!

    There are several people who pretend to be in the music industry around here who I would happily lynch, in my dreams of course. Andrew is certainly not one of them. He is an inspiring diamond, a fountain of ideas and knowledge.

    His safety is assured by the ‘Creative Republican Guard’. CR is simply offering him the platform he deserves to debate from – certainly not to drop through.

    Can’t imagine where you two get this lynching idea from!

  3. No lynching folk, get back in your wagons and head on back to your ranches.

    Dubber has convinced me, for the time being, that the copyright issue can find another forum for debate so he and I in the spirit of investigation are going to be quizzing the music folk returning from SXSW on March 30th. Just pop along to http://www.creativerepublic.org.uk/ toward the end of next week to save a place. Remember the Cowboys and the Farmers can be friends.

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