Cheer within

So lucky the last 2 nights to be laughing so hard. Last night thanks to Barbara Nice at the Bear in Bearwood, just across the road from the now deceased off-license where I saw Christine McVie and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys hanging out way back. Anyone who gets 100 people letting off helium balloons on Bearwood Hight St whilst singing ELO tunes is fine with me.

I think it was only the second time that Barbara has done this show. Here’s a review from when she premièred it in Leicester last year.

Tonight it’s been on line humour. Jon Bounds seems to have launched the Birmingham end of the Meaning of  Briff on Twitter and I don’t know if it works if you don’t know the City but if you do then please go read, enjoy and add.

I’m thrilled to be invited to contribute next week to the Digbeth is Good blog. Mentioning to Barbara last night, post balloons, the proposed Beorma Buiding in Digbeth she mentioned that she had written a play about the Beorma people some time ago, reminding me the name ‘Birmingham’ comes from “Beorma ingas ham”, meaning “home of the people of Beorma.

So hoping Nicky Getgood gets well quickly and catches some of the weekend and that everyone else has a fine St Patrick’s time wherever you are, including you lot in Texas.


One thought on “Cheer within

  1. John, Janice actually previewed this, she was trialing it for her tour, at Atticus, I thought it was fantastic. Janice played Atticus 3 times I think, along with Ivan Brackenbury, Ted Chippington, Nick Doody, Jon Richardson and Jo Enright amongst others. Loved the comedy nights we had on – those were the days!

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