A great summer

500 miles from end of 3 week tour

500 miles from end of 3 week tour

Having whizzed around Europe in May I was thinking that England might be a little dull in June but – wrong.


I took James Hunter and his fine band to Glastonbury to play on the Park Stage on Friday afternoon. Great set as always and lovely to see Emily Eavis dancing along to them.

(Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

(Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

Whilst Glastonbury slept I took the boys back to London and got them checked in at Heathrow at 5.00am for Finland then dropped tour bus and caught train back to Glastonbury for 2 days r and r.

(Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

(Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Worked there lots before but never had a couple of days to wander with no responsibilities.


Our tent was unbelievably placed almost on its own in a field of Clover – pure luck.

(Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

(Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

I enjoyed a couple of the main stage artists but by far most fun was had wondering the fringes from one gentle adventure and chance meeting to another.

(Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

(Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

I know it’s a pricey event but it really does sit as a great example of what can be done with a good heart and great production values.

(Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

(Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images)

Above is Robin Pecknold from the Fleet Foxes at Glastonbury.

I was lucky enough to catch them last year on their first UK tour when the played in Space 2 next to the Custard Factory in Digbeth.

Coming back from Glastonbury I got stuck back in with the Rainbow Supporters – just a few of them here below and everyone else who can see what Digbeth might be to this city.

DSC_0247[1]The noise abatement row rumbles on but the City is really missing a major opportunity here. Digbeth is currently the home to more than 20 venues, it’s full of galleries, creatives of all sorts and some fine engineers and metal bashers – a unique environment.

People shouldn’t have to wait a year for for the chance of a festival to share good music and good company – in a city as big as this there should be somewhere where you can do that anytime and Digbeth is the place. It has buildings and space that aren’t going to be used for anything else in the next decade or so. We should have all the creatives and promoters in the area working with the City Council and land owners to plan a quarter mile wide party zone for the people of taste of the West Midlands and further afield – now.
Let’s not build more apartments that lead to everything being quietened down, let’s build budget hotels to house the people that would come from around Europe to this cultural quarter. When Supersonic is on later this month look at where their audience comes from and what they bring into the City as an example of what can be done – currently against the odds.

Digbeth – Could be the jewel in the City’s crown said Professor Michael Parkinson. Could be an Urban Glastonbury all year round say I.


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