Some Festival!

Dave Harte after reading my last post said that he “wouldn’t mind having my life for a while sometimes” Well he wouldn’t have wanted it on this weekend in August. Off with James Hunter and the chaps again to the Rhythm Festival Bedford. You haven’t heard of it? Keep it that way. We arrive at a disused Second World War airfield just north of Bedford where the event is held. Lots of original buildings still there including the control tower. The promoter shows me the control tower pointing out that “That’s the door Glenn Miller walked through to catch the flight that he disappeared on:

Unnamed(2)So that cheered me up.

The whole festival was themed around ….well camouflage I suppose, check the main stage:


Looking for some light relief from the Camouflage theme I ask him what the only modern building in sight is. “Oh that’s the Immigrant Detention Centre” he says, Here’s the front of it:

Yarls-Wood-001 Photo by Dan Chung from The Guardian

Having my new phone with me I thought I’d see what went on there and found this in The Guardian.

Frankly a long time since I wanted to get out of a gig so fast.


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