Digbeth O’lympics 09

(Picture by Pete Ashton)

Amazingly, the Digbeth O’lympics staggered into life again at the end of September. This time with added debauchery courtesy of Kent at the Rainbow. I was solely responsible for the aquatic events so all that carry on was nothing to do with me.

Typically it has taken 5 months to get the bit of filum below which I thought might be fun and capture some of the essence of the day hence the lateness of this post which has held up my blogging for months but i think some order is important.

Top fun on the Custard Factory lake in the Cardboard Coracle Challenge. I was in charge of that.

Launching the Coracles

Doesn’t look like Digbeth does it?

(Pictures by katchooo)

Matt celebrates his coracle challenge victory with his usual understatement

(Picture by John McMahon)

You can feel the tension in the pits before the Go kart race down Bradford St.

(Picture by John McMahon)

Serious Welly throwing

(Picture by John McMahon)

Wellies featured this year – here is the Custard Filled Welly Race – just starting.

(Picture by Lynsey Turvey)

Kent Davies of The Rainbow and I – frightens me.

I did also however have the task of announcing the founding of The Free State of Digbeth at the end of the O’lympics Awards Ceremony. Now it had been a long day where under the nature of the games many pubs were visited so I might take this film down at any moment.


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