All Change!


Well a few months of not knowing quite what was happening hence no posts on here but now, having left Highbury Studio it’s on to pastures new. Pastures not quite being correct as it’s full steam ahead on a project that uses every bit of new technology going to create something of a world first. More to follow on that when appropriate but in the meantime a step back in time to last month and my second professional DJ gig ever when invited to play at the birthday of a Prefab. Readers overseas can find out about those here.

This prefab like many was 70 years old so wasn’t hard to figure that most people living in them would be hearing mainly news on radio about latest rationing and such. For music they’d still be using the wind up gramophone. A much underrated bit of kit as when you play early rock and roll on 78’s with a new needle for every play you get exactly the sound that those early pioneer producers made their records for and it kicks!

Was a great afternoon at the Avoncroft Museum of Buildings  and a chance to reflect on the national commitment to looking after everyone in post war Britain with 100,000’s of houses built in a few short years and despite the economic mess the country was in the founding of our still wonderful NHS. A little more of that spirit wouldn’t go amiss today eh?


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