In recent years I have mentored many artists, managers and labels. From Scott Matthew’s manager and record label who went on to release Scott’s album, which received an Ivor Novello Award to more recently Electric Swing Circus and many other local artist and managers.

If you or your group are wondering if you’re getting it right, making the most of what you have or simply wonder how to move your music project forward or make it more profitable then call or mail me to discuss if I can help you. Arrangements are by the hour so no long term commitments. 

One thought on “Mentoring

  1. Great recently to see Electric Swing Circus touring in New Zealand
    Here’s a note from Tom their main man after their first mentoring session with me:
    “From all of us a massive thank you for the mentoring session last week – it was awesome, really helpful, and I think regular sessions would really help us out, keeping us on the straight an narrow. Everyone without exception was over the moon with the session, found your insights really valuable and the discussions continued well into the morning!”
    Meanwhile Rhino and The Ranters are now playing all around the West Mids with folk loving their shows a quote from Ryan:
    “John provided me with invaluable and practical advice on how to move my music forward and ensure that it was a contender in a very competitive industry. His vast experience and expertise in the music industry provided me with knowledge to point my music career in the right direction”.
    Finally for now a quote from the great Little Comets via twitter on their album entering the UK Charts at 26 last month Little Comets ‏@littlecomets Feb 22
    @johnmostyn @officialcharts thanks for everything john, you have been a massive help. #legend
    Good to be useful!

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