Dubber the Outrageous!

All cool here with lots of interesting little jobs for both agencies – worked with our first contortionist last week at an office party in the Jewelry Quarter!

Meanwhile have been horrified and amused at some of the comments on Andrew Dubber’s New Music Strategies blog which I am sure is his intention however I’ve risen to the bait and proposed that the next major public event for Creative Republic should be a debate around some of the issues that Andrew raises in this particular post. He has accepted the invitation to debate, to my delight and I’ll be posting details soon for what should be a lively yet hopefully informative and entertaining evening in town – around the end of Feb.


Lots of good stuff

Another couple of busy winter weeks some highlights being:


Michael Wolff workshop hosted by
Creative Republic at Fazeley St Studios

Michael Wolff gives a workshop in charm without trying before he starts on the subject at hand.

Creative Republic guests gather at Fazeley St Studios

Creative Republic guests gather at Fazeley St Studios

The Lunar Society Annual Dinner at The Council House with guest Sir David Arculus who turned out to be a local chap done extremely well. Diplomat in the extreme but had a lucky break way back when chairman of IPC magazines which during his period started a mag called Smash Hits which went from 0 to 1m copies a week within a year!
Nutcracker at The Hippodrome, finished now but can’t believe how much I enjoyed it. Brilliant inspirational dancing to great tunes you know played really well. BRB in full effect.

Intense impromptu birthday partying at The Spotted Dog with some fine musicians in the house Irish music in Spotted Dog from Nicky Getgood on Vimeo.

Mama Matrix at The Rainbow were a joy too. As above we can’t host the video on this version of WordPress but for a Gypsy punk folk psychedelic treat just click here

And not forgetting the Custard Factory team who lured those Fleet Foxes to their first ever Birmingham gig. It was a blinder and if you missed them here’s a hint via Letterman of what a top live show they do: