How high is Birmingham?

As I mentioned there’s been a major clear out in the office but thought I should share this one:

Fed up a couple of years ago with the ‘second city’ tag I wondered if Birmingham is the highest city in the country? I mailed Ordnance Survey and they said they couldn’t tell me. Then they mailed to say they could, then within 24 hours mailed to say they couldn’t. “Well if you can’t then who can?” I ask “Beats us” they say.

Not buying this I dropped a line to my wonderful local MP Dr Lynne Jones who wrote to Ordnance Survey on my behalf and below is their reply. Shame about the result but now we know and hopefully something here for you pub quiz compilers:



Having been prompted by Dr Lynne Ordnance Survey sent the following too

The Rest!

Heights for cities in England based upon the average height of the points within a city boundary: