An unlikely combination some might think but last Saturday BCC and Rocket Science came together in a spectacular yet unpredicted fashion – well by BCC anyway.

These chaps800px-Meal_STS127 are orbiting the Earth in the International Space Station:

Saturday night I’m in Centenary Square watching The CBSO as part of Artsfest when a fine chap in the crowd with an app on his iPhone that tells him where the I.S.S. is over Earth at any given time says ” In a few minutes the International Space Station will be visible as it crosses the sky over Birmingham from West to East”. So we carry on enjoying CBSO when the conductor announce that they are going to play a couple of great movie themes. Off they go into the theme from ‘Star Wars’ when lo and behold! Over the top of the Rep building, 200 miles high comes the Space Station! Only visible for a couple of minutes but very clear on a perfectly clear night. I told a couple of neighbours in the crowd but they thought I was barking. Six of us saw it though and I’m not going to forget that musical/technology interface for a long time. Now M.M. is Minister for Culture etc we can expect more breathtaking interfaces between BCC and Space?

artsfest looking up Photo Star- One

From comments: here is Chris who introduced me to Matthew who showed us the way . Thank you Gentlemen.


  1. 1 Chris September 14, 2009 at 2:44 pm

    That fine man was Matthew Somerville. has the info about orbital passes and here’s what Matthew very cleverly did with it

    It was a very lovely moment!

  2. 2 Matthew September 14, 2009 at 3:30 pm

    Thanks :) (No iPhone though, a nice Nokia). We were extremely lucky with the weather and synchronicity.

    To make it even crazier, the bright dot in the sky behind the fireworks when the CBSO were playing Jupiter was – Jupiter :-)