North South, North South, North South

Sorry regular readers – it’s been a bad time for blogging but a good time for travelling. Drove up to Aberdeen with James Hunter and Willy Nelson. Then as the tour moved South I took a night off on our second night in Glasgow and flew to Birmingham to sing with The Nylons at the Newman University College 40th anniversary party at Edgaston’s Botanical Gardens: Excellent set from Marc Reck who took the snap.

Then flew back to Glasgow to pick up the tour for Manchester where the footy fans were happy as it was the night they won the something or other, however the following night we nearly had our own little riot with some of Manchester’s Hells Angels. On to a civilized night in Wolverhampton and then peaked at Hammersmith Appolo

Off now via Bristol to drive to Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis, then south to Scafel Pike and West to Snowdon and back to Bristol by Monday night so it’s going to be a quiet blogging weekend too. I am feeling the need to have a portable device these days. I’m driving my son H and some of his colleagues on the 3 peaks challenge and they’ll be going up and down these three whilst I sit and compare the view to that which I’ve had for 10 days of white lines and city centres and perhaps to think of the time I’ve just spent with two of the best singers and songwriters around today.